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Try our whole beef, a varied selection of premium cuts that will delight meat lovers. Enjoy an exceptional culinary experience with flavorful meat, perfectly suited for a variety of preparations. In addition to being the most cost-effective choice, opting for a whole beef provides the perfect solution for sharing with family and friends!

What's included:

  • 8x Tomahawk 

  • 8x Tenderloin medallions

  • 8x T-bone

  • 8x Striploin

  • 8x Ribsteak

  • 8x Bib/flank

  • 8x Sirloin medallions

  • 8x Top sirloin steak

  • 8x Rump steak

  • 8x Skewer cubes

  • 24x Simmering Cubes

  • 8x Roast beef

  • 8x Chuck roast

  • 8x Brisket

  • 8x Osso Buco

  • 8x Korean short ribs

  • 8x Fondue meat pack

  • 160x Ground meat (1lb) 

  • 4x Soup bone 

For Écoboeuf, producing quality meat begins with animal welfare. That's why our cattle are fed 100% grass and have the freedom to roam in vast spaces. This approach guarantees beef that is tasty and of superior quality, while respecting the principles of sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. Discover the difference of beef raised responsibly and naturally!

Whole beef

SKU: 1232011
C$4,800.00 Regular Price
C$4,100.00Sale Price
  • For optimal preservation, the meat is vacuum-sealed and frozen.


    *Our whole beef contains approximately 320lb of beef

    * Approximately 720 servings


    *Freezer space required: 11 cubic feet

  • FREE delivery right to your doorstep!


    *Delivery available for the metropolitan area and Abitibi only


    *Delivery of the order in person only

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