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Ecoboeuf, Grass-fed beef, ecological, flexitarian, greenhouse gas sequestration, Frédérique Lavallée, Simon Lafontaine

MRC d’Abitibi-Ouest – Elye Carrier


It was during our Bachelor's degree in agronomy at Laval University that we met. Little did we know, that was the beginning of a long process of reflection that led to the creation of Écoboeuf!


Being part of the fourth generation of the family farm, Simon is now pursuing a Ph.D. in animal sciences at Université Laval . He aims to bring about positive change for the sustainability of agricultural businesses in his region and the fight against climate change.

Although Frédérique grew up in Quebec City, her passion for agriculture is equally strong. Initially interested in the plant aspect of agronomy, she discovered a keen interest in cattle production when she met Simon... She is currently pursuing her master's degree in agroforestry at the University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.


To reduce the environmental footprint, diversify, and ensure the sustainability of agriculture in the northern region

A family story

Located in Abitibi-Ouest, Ferme Lafontaine-Noël is a fourth-generation family farm founded in 1922. The company specializes in raising breeding females and semi-finished steers.

Owned by Éric Lafontaine, Hélène Noël, and Corine Lafontaine, the farm is an essential partner due to the exceptional quality of their animals and pasture management.

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Order a quarter of beef, half a beef, or a whole beef on our website, and then pick up the order at your butcher's.


Did you know?

Thanks to the components of plants, grass-fed beef is more flavorful and contains more nutritional properties than conventional beef!

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Order a half beef or a whole beef on our website.

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